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Golden Glove Leader

When it comes to making saves, Angel Sanchez of Goldsboro Strike Eagles FC knows how to do it! The 29 year old goalkeeper, born in Smithfield, NC, currently leads the league with a 1.1 Goal Average per match and has 2 clean sheets, the most in the FFL. When asked how he does it, Angel said " I just love to train hard and I'm always willing to learn and get better. Because as a soccer player, in general, if you think you know it all, you don't. You always learn something different every time on the pitch." Also, when asked about his personal goals, ambitions, dreams or plans when it comes to soccer, he says "I'm 29, so I'm not as young as I would want to be but I'm just taking advantage of the opportunities. Like when we won the UPSL Mid Atlantic Conference, it is so far the best medal I got! Playing in the Carolinas Cup was a nice experience and also playing in the Regional Cup in Tennessee 2 weekends ago was great!" This weekend, Wilmington FC will get the opportunity of going up against this league leading goalkeeper who as of now, seems unstoppable.

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