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First Flight League Is Coming To North Carolina

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Four NC clubs join to form new Pro Development League for Adult Soccer!

Clubs that previously participated in a National Pro Developmental League have banded together to create First Flight League, a Pro Development League that places greater focus to NC soccer teams and their players. This new league provides the same structure and opportunities previously afforded to the clubs while promoting and highlighting players skills and abilities. With First Flight League being NC based and locally managed, greater emphasis and publicity can be done for the benefit of the clubs and their players. The league will work hand in hand with NCASA, who has partnered to ensure the legitimacy and growth of the league. The clubs involved in the initial creation of the league are Lazers SC, Goldsboro Strike Eagles FC, Union FC and Greensboro International. The Fall season will begin on September 19th, granted that the governor moves NC into phase 3.

Two more clubs unite with First Flight League

Bragg FC and San Rafael FC are the latest clubs to join forces with First Flight League to create the premier pro development league in NC! Scheduled to start on September 19th, First Flight League now has six strong, organized and committed clubs to kick off the Fall season!

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